Sweep me off my Feet

Someone asked me a question recently. It was simple question but it really got me wondering. One would imagine every girl should know the answer to that. I am not being a sexist here by calling out only the girls; but it was a question intended for a girl. Ok may be I am wrong, in all honesty it can be extended to a boy as well but since it was asked to me and I am girl; I am including all girls! Anyhow you must be wondering what question got me thinking that day and more so writing about it today. I was   asked “what would sweep me off my feet?” The question came from a guy so it would be safe to assume that it was asked to know what a guy can do to spin my world around. Simple question to those who have given this a thought before or have experienced it but to me it was perplexing. I quickly started responding hoping the answer would come to me as I type but as I started; I was at a complete loss of words. I was blank; nothing came to my mind as a suitable response. I thought to myself; this is easy, I should know this. He is simply asking what would excite me beyond imagination. There are a lot of plausible answers and basically no right or wrong answer. To different girls, it  might mean different things or gestures;  it might mean being held in the arms of the man they love, or lavish gifts like the most beautiful smelling perfume, a gorgeous outfit, an expensive piece of jewelry or going for an exotic vacation or may be just a mix of a little bit of everything. 

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