Being a Mother

When the little hands curl around ur neck and hug the worries away
When those endearing words ” i love you” touch ur ears and melt the stress of the day

When u love someone so much that ur heart aches

When u share a bond so wonderful and strong that’s hard to break

When you mean the world to someone

And that someone means the world to you

In your eyes its the most beautiful thing you knew

When a smile takes your breathe away

And its voice the most soothing sound you can play

When the eyes reflect divinity

And this little human becomes the definition of beauty

When sound of their heart beat calms your soul

And their sheer exsistence fulfills you as a whole

Remember you are a creator and its the most enchanting thing

Part of you that redefines your being

The phenomena that’s here to stay

You are a mother; and no one can ever take that away!


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