Worth It!

Someone had said..life will not be easy but worth it 

I  have lived my life trying to affirm it

To believe i will survive

Keep that flickering flame alive
Life has been tough and a bit scrufy

I thought i would be strong but felt unworthy

Struggle was real; fears prevailed

Life was a train that seemed derailed
Happiness played hide and seek

So close and yet hard to reach

Joys were bubbles that burst as soon as i touched it

I was trying to wonder if it was really worth it
There is silver lining to the darkest clouds they say

I found the courage and strength to stay

At last a light illuminated from the dark

Guiding me to a new path i embarked

Leading me into calmer space

Chaos and panic finally found solace
Now when i smile; life smiles back at me

Telling me i am strong and i am worthy

Long journey concluded and a longer one to ascend

I would like to say this to everyone’s defense

Life may be strenuos and at times rigid

But you know guys at the end it is still worth it!

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