Hear the Silence

Today let’s be silent and hear the noise

Let’s hush the whispers and hear the voice

Let’s comprehend the unspoken words

Let’s fathom the unheard
Let’s hear the thoughts untold

Let’s hear the story unfold

Let’s hear the calm and what it says

Let’s feel the miracle as he prays

There is so much we feel but is left unsaid

So much pain and tears that aren’t shed

In anticipation of finding someone who will hear

So the ache will be easier to bear

Let us hear those untamed thoughts

Let us feel the untouched spot

Let’s be free and see the unseen

Let us touch each other’s heart

Let us extend that hand

For someone to hold and claim

Let us spread some love

And take away some pain

Let us smile and open our eyes

Let the darkness fade away

Let the sunshine range bright

Let us be humble and touch the ground

Let us fly high and soar around

Let us reach the limitless sky

Let us dip low and reach new high

Let us be euphoric & let us be quiet

Let us absorbed & let out a laugh riot

Let us release the thoughts and make peace with our minds

Let us hear the silence; you never know in hush what you may find!

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